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30 May 2014

Lack of Privacy in Internet from Google and other Service Providers

Once you are connected to the internet, that's it, you don't have privacy as a default option unless you take radical actions to protect yourself. Let's get started with Internet TCP properties in your OS.

DNS Servers
Browser or clients first check internal DNS cache for the IP of a particular domain name, if not found then it checks the DNS Server set in the TCP/IPv4 Properties. Usally there are two DNS Servers IPs used in Microsoft Windows

Prefered  DNS server :
Alternate DNS server :

Here is the Public DNS service provided by Google.

So even without going to use google search directly, they can track which domain you visit.

So best way to protect yourself is by using DNS servers of your ISP or OpenDNS

BSNL DNS Server 1 :  218. 248.240.208
BSNL DNS Server 2 :  218. 248.240.23


OpenDNS Server1    :
OpenDNS Server2    :

Note: ISP even without DNS server linked to it, can still track which domains you are visiting.

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